After meeting me, it won't take you long to learn about my excitement and enthusiasm for life and photography. I want your sessions with me to be FUN and for you to walk away with awesome memories and fantastic photos.


     I'm a super nerd full of passion. Not only do I enjoy shooting the world around me, be it weddings, cosplay, portraits and nature, but you can also find me participating in front of the camera as well.

     A wedding should be a joyful event. I know first hand how stressful the planning, organizing, dealing with family, can be. I want your photography to be as easy as possible. When photographing a wedding I shoot documentary/photo journalist style. I try my best to capture your day in its entirety. When you look back at the photos twenty or thirty years I want those memories to come flooding back. Your day will be a whirlwind and when it's all done there will be moments you will have forgotten (or were not even present for). My goal is to capture them. Together we are partners in capturing (and sometimes creating) those moments. Each wedding and photo session is different so you get photos tailored to you, your personality, your uniqueness. No two people are the same and I believe no wedding should look the exact same. If you want an elaborate, spectacle, highly processes and "filtered" look of a wedding, then I'm not the photographer for you. If you want natural photos, that capture and highlight your day with a few artsy-fartsy shots thrown in, then please drop me an email so we can meet and see if we are a good fit.


     Whomever you choose as your photographer remember your photos are the items that stay with you the longest, and having a great fit is not just important, it's crucial! The more comfortable you are with your photographer, the better your photos will be. (and now I sound like Yoda)

     Congratulations and best wishes!


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